We believe that health does not have to be elusive ; it is within the reach of everyone that wishes to acquire it  - yet, like anything worthwhile, it requires effort. And in this particular world, it may require a lot of effort.

TerraTree is a Toronto, Ontario based live/raw food company dedicated to promoting the living food lifestyle by providing products that enable people to incorporate the ‘live food concept’ in an imaginative yet practical way.

To this end, we have introduced a series of products that are distinct, and have their own role in providing benefits. You can eat healthy, and still love your food.

Please look for our products - raw Sunza's and wheatgrass juice at your nearest local health food store or fruit/vegetable market. Click here for current locations.



What is a Sunza?
Sunza Raw Organic CrackersA Sunza is similar to a cracker but it's so much more. It comes in different shapes, colours, flavours and sizes and is made with varying types of grains, vegetables and spices. We use a long, specialized process that involves sprouting all of our seeds and grains and then dehydrating at low, controlled temperatures to maintain maximum nutrtitional content and flavour, while minimizing the loss of valuable enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.

*An interesting note about SUNZA's is that they contain NO SUGAR of any kind.

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Since TerraTree is such an innovative company, we are always coming up with cool, sweet new raw creations. Stay tuned for our up and coming raw masterpieces!